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Twin circular saw

High speed, smooth surface, easy maintenance for saw blade! Circular saw machines are more accurate and make smoother surface than band saws due to sawing by chip saws.

Circular saw machines with 2-sides log clamp

■Best machine for cutting square bars with tree center


  • Safety First No rebounding due to down-cut system.
  • High Quality  High accuracy and smooth surface by using stiff round saw and stable in-feed log machines.
  • Easy Operation Less artificial operation owing to storing regular operations in the machines and operating automatically.

※ This machine incorporates all the necessary conditions for stable circular saw cutting.

Circular saw Φ660mm Φ740mm
Maximum log diameter 20cm bottom end 23cm bottom end
Minimum log diameter 6cm top end 6cm top end
Log lengths 3m(2950 ~ 3200mm)
4m(3950 ~ 4200mm)


V-cut System

■Machine for calibration of dried square bars before molding. Two circular saws slightly touch bottom and side of square bars to make them straight and ease the work of molder knives.


Product summary

Specialized to cut right angle. Machine makes a basis for molder processing.

This helps to feed the material to machine straight, lower process cost, get size accuracy.

Working at one-pass mode easily process over 1,000 bars per day!

Material dimensions 115mm square or 135mm square pillar material only 
Material (pillar) lengths 3m(2800 ~ 3200mm)
3.65 m(3600 ~ 3850mm)
4m(3950 ~ 4200mm)
Maximum cutting amount 7mm one side

Product Information


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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)