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Circular economy ー Forests are a very important resource in realizing a sustainable society. Respecting its importance, we support forest industry by adding high value on wood and expanding demand for it. Through our activity, we would like to contribute to grow a forest that protects the global environment.
SDGs…We hope to be a company who gives dreams over the next 100 years.

※SDGs are the “Sustainable Development Goals” agreed globally by 2030.

Hideyuki Tanaka, Representative Director

What is OI. Innovation?

What are you looking for?

I want to sort and debark logs

Sorting logs according to diameter and straightness, peeling off the bark helps to increase the operation rate of the next process machine and reduce problems.

I want to cut wood

Leave the planning to us such as for new production line, existing line expansion, a single machine and factory overall layout.

I want to improve the volume of production

To realize better quality of sawing and reduce the burden of saw doctors, we established a sawmill support department, which give us an opportunity to study sawing process on a daily basis.

I want to dry wood

We offer a wide range of kiln dryers such as high-temperature, medium-temperature dryers as well as vacuum dryers.
In particular, vacuum type allows flat timber to dry better and drying in a shorter period of time brings outstanding effects in suppressing heat deterioration of wood.

I want to cut materials other than wood

Please feel free to consult with us about cutting other than wood, such as resin, concrete panels, corrugated carton, etc.


Here are some examples of our efforts to improve the production volume, rationalize and save manpower of saw mills.

See the example

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