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What is OI. Innovation?


OI. Innovation Co., Ltd. (OIN) is a new company created by the business integration of "Oi Seisakusho Co., Ltd." and "Ishida Engineering Co., Ltd."


We will strive to contribute to the sawmill industry more than ever, aiming at the fusion and development of technologies that take advantage of each other's strengths by inheriting the experience and technology accumulated by both companies without impairing them.

Advantage 1 OIN offers a total sawmill plant from log sorting to drying.

The lumbering process begins with the selection of log, and includes debarking, sawing, and drying. It is possible to propose not only individual machines for each process but also these total plants consistently.

Proposing a total plan at OI. Innovation means being able to propose machines with appropriate capabilities within the line. In other words, the optimum flowable plant is realized.


Product Information

Advantage 2 OIN do our best to improve customer productivity.

In order to perform better sawing, not only the machine but also the ability of the blades and mutual matching are important.
The NTB system (new band saw cutting system) we developed has made it possible to improve the efficiency of band saw sawing and reduce the burden of saw doctors. In addition, we have established our own saw blade maintenance yard and sawmill support room, and every day we are doing research on band saw cutting and matching with machines while helping to improve and maintain the productivity of our customers.


Band saw maintenance

Advantage 3 OIN respond to the various cutting needs than woods.

Our band saws have been manufactured for many years for cutting wood.

we are taking on the challenge of meeting various cutting needs to apply this technology to various materials other than wood.


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