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Registration of resell machines

Recently, there have been an increasing number of inquiries about repairs and parts for machines (used resell machinesresellers) that have not been registered in our database.

Therefore, we are implementing a registration system for resellers so that customers who have purchased resellers regardless of us can also receive the same service as our customers.

If you haven't registered yet, sorry to trouble you, but please follow the registration procedure below.

1.Applicable Models and Registration Fees

Target models and registration fees are as shown in the table below.

【Revised: 18 January 2017】


Target model nameRegistration fees
Robot twin band saw ¥500,000
Twin band saw ¥300,000
Twin circular saw ¥300,000
Single band saw ¥50,000
Log carriage ¥200,000
Horizontal band saw ¥200,000
Ring barker ¥300,000
Cut barker ¥150,000
Stretching machine for band saw Dr. Cue ¥150,000

2.Our response to registered machines

In the event of a machine failure, we will respond to a telephone call, ship parts and make business trip repairs (both for a fee) etc.

The following tasks will be charged separately from registration fees, either at the actual cost stipulated by us or at an estimate on a case-by-case basis.
However, after registration for purchased parts please note that we may not be able to deal with this problem due to discontinuation of production, etc.

  1. Publication of instruction manuals
  2. Issuance of electrical drawings
  3. Publication of basic drawings
  4. Maintenance


  • Regarding machines that have not been registered, we cannot "respond to registered machines".
  • We may not be able to deal with this problem due to discontinuation of production of purchased parts, etc. Please also refer to "Parts Supply Period" on the top page. We will contact you regarding whether or not to register.
  • Maintenance may not be available for parts that have been modified or changed in specifications regardless of us.

3.Registration Procedures

Please let us know your information on the following contents(within the range that can be understood) by FAX or using This Form


  1. Company name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Mechanical model name
  5. Date of manufacture
  6. Serial number
  7. Purchase date
  8. Supplier
  9. Last user name

Flow until completion of registration


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