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Automatic band saw rolling machine

Computerized machine for band saw tensioning and levelling

Dr. Cue is working at numerous saw doctor shops around the world!

  • Scanner part

  • Control panel

Product summary

  • One machine can be used for manufacturing new band saws or maintenance of band saws after sawing. 
  • High speed scanning of band saw surface at full width.
  • Sensors measure level, back and tension at the same time and the result is displayed on a monitor.  
  • Robust roller head and highly sensitive levelling unit.
  • The condition of the saw is shown on screen for easy understanding.
  CUE-8E CUE-12E

Band saw size





4” ~ 8”(100mm ~ 205mm)

6.9 ~ 10.5m

21 ~ 17G(0.8 ~ 1.45mm)


4” ~ 12”(100 ~ 310mm)

7.4 ~ 14m

21 ~ 14G(0.8~2.0mm)

Saw rotation speed 5m ~ 10m/min 5m ~ 13m/min 
Computer operating system Windows Windows
Monitor tv LED 15”(TFT-15) LED 15”(TFT-15)

Product Information


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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)