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Ring barker

Robust design, clear log surfaceFor saw mills, plywood mills, board production plants etc.

Product summary

Air supply system for rotating parts is designed by our company. Air seals last longer. The rotor goes up and down folowing the height of the log feed device. This eliminates remaining bark or cutting into timber.

Model  OID500DX3 OID500DX4   OID650DX3 OID650DX4 
Log diameter 7cm ~ 47cm  12cm ~ 47cm(*1) 12cm ~ 60cm  (*1)
Log length

over 2.5m (short log option for 2m) 

Debarking speed (m/min)  6 ~ 22 6 ~ 30   8 ~ 15 8 ~ 22 
Number of spiral cutters 3  4  3  4
Rotor drive motor 22kw 37kw 
Feeding drive motor 5.5kw   7.5kw 
Hydraulic unit 5.5kw 
Lubricating oil pump 0.02kw 
Required air volume

 11kw air compressor

 15kw air compressor
Machine weight (approx.)  9 tons   12 tons

*1 Option for logs from 10 cm available.

Product Information


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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)