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Medium temperature wood drier

Best solution for boards and bars with face grooveMaterial loading by Fork Lift!

Features of O-MAX

  1. Rapid management of temperature.
  2. Uniform air flow.
  3. High durability in order to using stainless steel.
  4. High quality for drying thanks to obtaining the spacious room.
  5. Standard equipped the moisture content measuring system.
  6. Touch panel for easy operation.

Product summary

Possible for 90℃ drying.

Type Frame size WxHxL (mm)
OHV4-1F 4200 x 4000 x 4300
OHV3-2F 6500 x 4000 x 4300
OHV3-3F 9800 x 4000 x 4300
OHV3-4F 13100 x 4000 x 4300

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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)