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Inclined band saw and log carriage

Exceptional productivity with reduced cycle time!

Loading, positioning and rotation of log is done easily and accurately

  • Whole view of log carriage

  • Cutting scene

Product summary

Inclined log carriage is used in combination with an inclined band saw.

By inclinating it, the sawing surface will be diagonally above, making it easier to see the sawed skin.

Also by inclinating the log carriage, it becomes easier to bring the logs to the truck head block.

Due to the inclination, the cut back plate drops into the conveyor with the rounded part on top, reducing troubles.

Max. diameter of logs 800mm
Max. opening of head blocks 800mm
Max. opening of log clamps 800mm

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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)