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Double edger

Ultra-high speed for thick materials also wide materials!Anton Anton Anton Anton

High-speed double edger system WE-320H


Product summary

■Fully automatic shape measurement by optimizer

■Selectable sawing position

■Attitude control by 8 servo motors

■Sorting device can be connected


Thickness of produts 15 ~ 75mm
Width of produts 75 ~ 320mm
Length of material 2m, 3m, 3.65m, 4m
(-50mm ~ +200mm)
Width of material Max 520mm

Double edger DE56P

■Newest machine for high speed, high accuracy, high recovery

Product summary

Norman type that automatically performs centering and stepping of materials. High-speed cutting is possible even for thick boards up to 75mm.

Thickness of material 12 ~ 60mm
Width of produts 60 ~ 300mm
Length of material 2m, 3m, 3.65m, 4m
(-50mm ~ +200mm)
 Width of material 100mm ~ 400mm

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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)