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Terms of use

This website is operated by OI Innovation Co., Ltd. (OIN) or its agent. Before using this website, please read the following terms and conditions and agree to these terms and conditions. 


Other websites operated by our affiliates are also linked to this website. Please note that you must agree on the rules and terms of use provided on the site you use. 


All content on this website is protected by the Copyright Law, Trademark Law, etc. Any unauthorized modification, reproduction, or diversion is prohibited beyond the scope expressly permitted by law, including but not limited to private use. 

About Links

  • The link to this site is basically free. You do not need to contact the Company when posting the link to our website, but we will appreciate it if you do. 
  • The following links are not permitted.
    • Links from sites intended for deceptive or damage to the site's reputation. 
    • Links from sites containing illegal or potentially illegal content or sites involved in illegal or potentially illegal activities. 
    • Links that are unclear to be content of our office in frame use or other ways. 
  • The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused using the Website of any third party other than the Company which is linked to the Website. The link sites that are linked to this site are not intended to encourage the use of the link sites or to recommend the products, services, or companies posted on the link sites. 


This site is provided free of charge. 

We pay close attention to every aspect when we post information on this website. However, we assume no responsibility for any errors in the content on the site or any problems between you and third parties caused by using this site. Also, we assume no responsibility for any software, hardware accident or other damage caused by using of this site. Please be forewarned. Regardless of the reason, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the change of information or the interruption or abolition of all or part of the operation or service of this site. 

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