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Privacy policy

This website is operated by OI Innovation Co., Ltd. (OIN) hereafter referred to as "the Company". We strive to strictly protect and manage our customers' information in accordance with our personal information protection philosophy. 

Collection of Personal Information

We may ask customers to provide their personal information in the form of an input form, etc. when making an application or inquiry. We collect the personal information upon the consent of the customers. 

Protection of personal information

The company will not provide personal information collected from the customer to any third party unless one of the following applies:

  • The prior consent or approval of the customer has been obtained.
  • For payment and delivery of ordered goods. These subcontractors are restricted to companies with sufficient credibility in the protection management and operation of personal information and are properly managed and operated.
  • Other cases where it is necessary to provide such information due to laws and regulations.


The company is not responsible for ensuring the safety of your personal information on other websites that are not linked to our operations. 

We recommend that you check the handling standards for the protection of personal information on websites other than us by yourself, and if there are no handling standards, check the safety of your personal information directly with the departments and personnel in charge of the websites concerned. 

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