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Table type twin band saw

Basic type twin band saw machineBack up stable production with high precision and high durability. Two basic types are available. Please consider the line together with the front and rear devices.

Type OIT-M Twin band saw machine

■Table type twin band saw from OIN equipped with timber auto table unit from Yokoyama.
Suitable for different types of material and flexible cutting patterns.

  • Table for material return and separation

  • Top and side rollers to hold the timber

Product summary

Twin band saw unit from OI Innovation equipped with auto table from Yokoyama Iron Works.

Cutting bars to boards, cutting off edges, splitting width of material - flexible machine for variable applications.

Model  TYV260 TYV310
Height of timber 15 ~ 260mm 20 ~ 310mm
Max. width of scale 0 ~ 260mm 0 ~ 310mm
Max. sawing speed 60m/min.

Type OIT-MCC Twin band saw machine

■Table type twin band saw is a basic machine for labor saving.

  • Control panel

  • Scale

Product summary

Horizontal and vertical caterpillar chains are used for better infeed of material.

Cutting of bars, side boards or board edging with automated separation of material - machine has one operator and saves labor.


*Please contact us about the specifications for the band saw machine.

Width between saws 12 ~ 300mm
Width between saw and scale 9 ~ 250mm
Max. sawing speed 60m/min.

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+81-547-38-2141 Reception time: 8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)