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Log carriage

It is easier to use and has improved operability and durability.Select the most suitable model in combination with a band saw machine.

1. Operating types

There are 2 operating systems.

Operating typeHeavy duty (floor-operated)Light duty (on-board operated)
Models 700 type 〜 1500 type 700 type 〜 1000 type
Features You can operate with safety even if it has a large diameter.
Floor-operated doesn't make you get tired easily even though you operate for long time.
You can operate while checking sawing.
  • Full automated log carriage CD900 type,
    3 head blocks, operator on floor

  • Full automated log carriage OIS900 type,
    4 head blocks, type operator on the carriage

2. Hydraulic Clamp Types

Depending on model, 2 types of hydraulic head clamps are available

Hydraulic clamp typeOIS typeCD type
Position of clamp Next to the headblocks Center of the headblocks
Diameter of logs 16cm ~ 150cm 13cm ~ 80cm
Models 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1500 type 700, 900 type
Features For all-purpose Best clamps

3. Options

Add them according to your purpose.


1)  Catchers

      You can saw the logs safer and more efficient.

  • Catcher with iron frames

  • Catcher with headblocks 

2)Scratching guard clamps

  Prevent from scratching by the clamps.

3)Headblocks moving equipment

  Headblocks are moved in accordance with the length of the logs, then clamp at the best position.

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